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After 71 Years of Independence,India Still Fighting against terrorism.

Indian Independence Day:

India will Celebrate 71st Independence Day on 15th August 2017.India Celebrate 15 August as The Independence Day when our Country got Freedom from the 200 years of Slavery from the British Councils.On this Day we Celebrate for the Freedom of a Largest Democratic Alliance of the world.

On the Eve of the 15th August 1947, our Very First Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru has Waved the Flag on the Red Fort of India.Therefore Indian Independence Day is the Sign of Peace, Freedom, and Largest Incredible Free India as a Deeply Inspirational Festival.

However, after 71 years of Indian Independence, India is Still Fighting Against Terrorism and Evil Spirit of Modern World that Disrupts the Peace and Socialism of the Nation by means of Brutal Killings and Violence.


1.Kashmir terrorism.

Kashmir is Known as the Mini Switzerland of India.A Place which is Famous for its Scenic Beauty and Joyful Sacred Places that Looks Like if someone Landed on the Paradise but with the Past Few Decades Indian Administration is Facing Serious Issues of Cross-Border Terrorism in Kashmir.

Brutal Militant Groups Like Lasker-e-toiba, Ijhbul Mujhadinand Recently Encountered Buran Bani are the Main Suspects in the Violence and involved in the Major Terrorism Activities in the Kashmir.

For the Past two Years, Kashmir is Demolished by the Stone Pelters all Parts of the Valley and often Supports to Militants to Spread Violence still Indian Army are Fighting against all the Evil Powers of the Society and these Harmful Organism known by the Name of “Terrorist.”

Kashmir Terrorism is at the Peak because Daily there are different Acts of Violence taking Place.However, Indian Army Recently Encountered the “chief Terrorist Abu do Jana” in a Killing Counterpart who was the Main suspect of Killing two army persons.

So the Question Comes who is Responsible for all these Bullshit, the answer is very Simple If People of Kashmir start giving Co-operation with Indian Army then only India becomes a Truly Independent Nation in Terms of Terrorism.


2. India China War.

India China Doklam Issue is Going to its Peak already as China Gave Indian an Open Warning that in next 15 days if Indian Army would take their Footsteps Back then China will make a small Army operation on the Doklam.China India War is really threatful if someone Imagine but China Must Understand that Doklam is not its Region that it wants to claim.

China India War is really threatful if someone Imagine but China Must Understand that Doklam is not its Region that it wants to claim.

Doklam is a Tri-Junction border between India, Bhutan, and China.However, India already accused China of Constructing Road but this Time China is Going to take over all the Part which is so criticizable.However, China Holds a Barrier that India will have the ability to defeat.


3. India Pakistan Border.

India Pakistan Border is Highly Affected Part of the Nation with Terrorism.Pakistan is accused is sending a Bunch of Militants through Cross Border Terrorism.AS many of the Terrorist were accused of Cross border Terrorism whether it would be attacked on the 9/11 Taj hotel of Mumbai or the 1993 Mumbai Local Train Bomb Blasts.

However, Pakistan is Under developed Country and always feels Inferior just because of the Growing Neighbouring Country Like India.India has already submitted a list of Terrorists who were alleged in many of the attacks in India.Instead of Taking actions against Terrorists Pakistan supports all these Terrorist to Send through LOC.


4. Naxal Attacks in India.

There is also one Part in which India has Face Lots of Difficulties is from the Naxal Attacks every year.The Landmine Blasts and the Suicide Bombers Injured Army Persons and Even Death of lots of the Army officers are really sorrowful.After having 71 years of Independence we are still Facing Lots of Painful activities from the Terrorists.


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