After Turning 44, John Abraham Still Treated as the Youth Icon.

John Abraham is one of the Versatile and Handsome Hunks of Bollywood.His Popularity is not only Established in India but also Outside the India as well.John Abraham Movies already Entertains us, with his Amazing and Heart throbbing Actions all the Youth of Younger Generation inspired by him.

He is not only a Good Actor but a Hardcore Fitness Freek.Let’s See some of the Key Points of John Abraham that after turning 44 he still Treated as the Youth Icon of the Nation.


1. John a Brand Ambassador for “NEUFC”.

North East Region is Mostly Known for its Wildlife and Tourism but on the other Hand, The North East is also Famous for its Crazy Football Fan Following.John Abraham is also a well Known Sports Enthusiast in North Eastern part of the Country.

john abraham

Due to which he was Officially Declared as the Brand Ambassador for “North East United Football Club”.John Abraham is a Fitness Freek, a fascinating Biker and an Adventure Sports Enthusiast.Therefore John Abraham is a fit for this role.


2. John Abraham as a Brand Ambassador of Nissan and Yamaha.

John Abraham is a well-Known Biker who always appreciate the Fun Riding with Bikes Likes to Motivate the people to take Helmet all the Time while Driving a Bike and wearing Seat Belts while driving a Car.

John Abraham is a Famous Adventure Sports Enthusiast due to which he was Recognized as the Brand Ambassador of Nissan.

brand ambassador


He was also a Bike Rider and had a Great Love for the Sports Bike as well.So he has Nominated as the Brand Ambassador for Yamaha also.



Many Companies are already Pushing Him to Join their Brand and to Promote them just because of the Self Dignity and the Popularity that John has attained in the Last Few Decades.People already Likes some of the Sporty Looks like in the Movie “Dhoom” which spreads almost Fire in Indian Youth and they start Loving Biking.

However, at the same time, he always admires the Youth so that they must wear Helmet and take all the Safety Precaution while driving a car or a Bike.


3. John Abraham as a Social Activist.

According to John

He often said that Doing a Work as a Social Activist matters alot than endorsing a Brand.He further said that it is good to help orphans,Menatlly challenged peoples,Ill elders and Poor peoples rather than wearing cool Sunglasses and walking around with your bodyguards.

He also thought that God has given Actors and Actresses a Better Platform of Acting and to Earn Name Fame and money.So the Best way to utilize this Platform to be a part of NGOs , charitable trust and to help the Poor and Needy people on this Planet.


john abraham causes


John Abraham’s Charity Foundations and Ngo:

  • PETA(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an Organization who Help the Homeless People and the Animals who are in Pain and unable to express their feelings, with all sorts of relief he tries to help all those needy animals and Homeless peoples.The official website is


  • Habitat for Humanity: John is associated with this Foundation for the Last 12 years as he has helped about 50,000 homeless peoples and help them to get their own home.AS he uses to say that he has a Long plan but it will take some time.The Official Website is


  • MUMBAI MARATHON: It is the Single Largest Donor for 220 NGO’s in the Nation and the John Abraham thinks that he is Lucky enough to get the opportunity to become the Brand Ambassador for the same not for any Commercial purpose but for the commercials of other NGOs.Every Year is Keeps on Increasing.The official website is


  • PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS: Recently John Said that I have taken a Pledge to Support Animals in their fight to protect and the Horses who were utilized as a Mean of Transport on the Street of Mumbai as pulling the Victoria Carts just for the sake of tourist happiness and Comfort.

He Further said that Horses are not a means of Transport and to pull the carts for the Joyful ride of tourist and therefore they have a painful death.He also added that I just want that Mumbai must be Known by the name of Compassionate city of India.The official site is


  • SAVE OUR TIGERS: He Supports the Wildlife Sanctuary and also insists people take important action for the preservation of Tigers in India.He supports the Cause to Preserve and Save tigers of our Nation.The official website is


I hope I have Covered all the Important Aspects and the above-Mentioned Points that shows John Abraham is not only an Action Hero of Bollywood but he is also a Wonderful Humanity Supporter and Nature Lover with the helpful Causes that fulfills the dream of a Poor and Homeless Peoples.

He is Truly an Inspiration for Us.That’s why he is Treated as the Youth Icon of the Nation.

Thanks for Reading my article.


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