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OMG!!! Aamir Khan has Charged Rs.400 Crores for Last Four Movies and becomes the Highest Paid Actors of Bollywood.

Bollywood is Full of Surprises and this Surprise comes not because of any Masala Gossips in the Bollywood but the Amount that Mega Superstars of Bollywood Charges for a Single New Hindi Movies.

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are the Main Reason behind the Highest Gross Income of the New Hindi Movies.

Therefore in This Section of Highest Paid Actors, we will Focus some of the Movies Done by Mr. Perfectionist in the Past Few Years and the Amount that he Charged is really Surprising and all most Shocking to everyone.

An Estimated Net worth of Aamir has been Observed by Surajvines for the Last Four Movies that Aamir Khan has Done is about Rs.400 Crores.


1.Aamir Khan Charged 175 crore for Dangal.

One of the Superhit Movie Dangal which was a Sports Drama Based Film has a remarkable achievement of Highest Grosser Film Ever in the History of Bollywood.It is Considered as the 5th Highest Grosser  Non-English Movie.

dangal aamir khan

An estimated Worth of the Movie Dangal is nearly Rs.2000 Crores.It is the Highest Indian Income Getter Movie of the Bollywood.The Amount That Charged Aamir Khan for this Movie is really shocking and it is about Rs.175 crores.

However, the Performance of the Aamir Khan is Outstanding in the Movie as a Wrestler who makes a Long Journey for her Daughters to make them Wrestlers.

2.Aamir Khan Charged Rs.150 Crores from Pk.

PK is one of the Most Successful Movies in the Career of  Aamir Khan.A Fact shows that Pk is the First Bollywood Movie that Manages to earn 1 billion from online Bookings only.


Pk is the 2nd Highest Grossing Film in Bollywood and the International Markets.In the Very First Weekend, Pk managed to get Rs.175 Crores.

The Total Collection of the Movie was Rs.792 crores.


Aamir Khan Charged Rs.150 Crores for the Movie Pk.


3.Aamir Charged Rs.110 crores for Dhoom3.


Dhoom3 is an Action Thriller Movie directed by Vijaya Krishna Acharya.The Duo Role of Aamir Khan was Outstanding in the Movie.Dhoom3 is the First Indian Bollywood Movie Released in the Imax Motion Picture Film Format.

The Film worldwide Collection is about 4 billion and is the 6th Highest Grosser Movies in all Time.

Aamir Khan has Charged Rs.110 Crores for the film Dhoom3.It is one of the Highest Rated Movie by many Internet Marketing Experts and Movie Experts.


4.Aamir Khan Charged Rs.49 crores for Talaash.


The Suspense Thriller Movie Talaash is also done a Moderate Business by collecting Rs.100 Crores worldwide.

However The Movie is not successful to become the Highest Grosser but still, it leaves a very Good Impact on the Followers of the Aamir Khan.


The Total Net-worth of Aamir Khan in the Last 14 years is about Rs.2200 Crores.


5.Aamir Khan Upcoming Movies.

  • The Secret Superstar.
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