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The Overall Rating and Review of The latest Bollywood Movie Simran.

The story of the Film.

Kangana is Playing the Role of a 30 years old Divorcee Lady who is Living with her Parents in Georgia.She Indulges in the Crime scene by playing lots of Gambling in a Casino.One Bad Turn of her Life leads her lots of flaws and falls in her Life and that’s How the story goes Further.

Overall Review of the Movie.

The Best Thing about the Movie is that Kangana is Fearless who never falls even indulges in the Crime Scene.She Lives her life with her own set of rules.She refuses to have sex with anybody without being Protected.She doesn’t think lots of Time before slipping into the crime Scene as she does in the Movie.


The Writer of the Movie Fails in comparison to Kangana Natural Acting.Despite the Robbery done by Kangana and leaving the Fingerprints on the Bank Notes and still police hardly find evidence against her is unbelievable.

The Way Kangana has Performed in the Film is really Adorable.The writer fails to match the Million Dollars smile with the Plot of the Movie but Kangana put her outstanding Performance in the Movie.

So According to my Point of View Simran Movie is Overall Good and One Time Must Watch Movie just because of the Fun attire that she represents in the Movie leaves a wonderful impact on the Audiences.

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