In India about one third women Faces Relationship Problems and Scarifies for their Parents.

Even the Supreme Court Of India have sighted that Most of the Females India had to sacrifice their love relationships for the sake of their Parents.They had to face a lot of Relationship Problems and hardly get the choice to survive with their living relationship.

The Supreme Court of India has sighted this problem when it sentenced a Man who is a suspected when he apart from women and that woman commits suicide Immediately after separation.


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23 year’s old women Die due to Relationship Problems.

After that horrible incident that women could be saved in 1995.The man who was alleged in brutally killing so The High Court of Rajasthan give him a death sentenced.

The High Court has Noticed that the women is hardly not ready to accept her parents wish but apparently she has changed her mind after a while after that incident where garlands, bangles, and vermilions were found.


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It has been observed that she might told her Partner that she is not able to accept his relationship because of her parents as she would not be able to marry him.A panel of the Court said that “Such a reaction from the girl as she would refuse to marry her lover and sacrifice her love for their parents is a common phenomenon in this country”.


relationship problems

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The Court Further Noticed that the victim was affected by the caste indifferences and the woman’s father was so strict towards this religion Problem and that’s why her father told her to get separate from him.

The man told the Court that after the resistance from their families they decided to commit suicide in which they have consumed sulphate dosage in a building which was under construction in Jaipur.The amount of sulphate consumed by the man was less as compared to the amount of sulphate consumed by the woman.Due to this, she lost her life.

After that incident, some of their neighbourhood found that the woman was hanged up.Although she was mercilessly beaten up by her parents on the same day of incident held on 15 November 1995.


As per the statement of the Man, the two madly loved with each other.But still due to some allegiance and community misbehaviour and the Parents thinking of caste indifferences.That girl has to face lots of difficulties in her life and faces relationship problems.

when she was madily love with him even after lots more obstacles in their life and her parent’s rude behaviour towards her.She may decided to revolt against her family and society and may go to a place where they have decided to get marries,but the end she had to face the real danger in her life and get commited suicide.


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