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Top 5 Most Important aspects of Facebook Addiction.

The Company has Officially Declared that Facebook has Recorded 600 Million Mobile Users and 219 Billion Photo Uploads along with 140 New friend Request Connections.

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Facebook is Like a Viral Social Networking Flue that is Spreading across the Millions of Common Peoples, Households, Teens and younger generation youth daily.Most of the People has been Found using Facebook for the Main source of Entertainment and Recreation.

Facebook Addiction is so Common Among Households of the families and the Teen of the world.

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download facebook app

An estimate shows that there are about 55 Million users of Android Platform and about 47 Million Users of IOS system who daily download the Facebook app.

So you can straightaway download facebook app by click here.

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So we are Briefing you Guys that Why Facebook Addiction is so Familiar among Youths and Common People of the World.Not all People Treats Facebook App as the Only source for their Entertainment but about 50% of People use Facebook as the Main source of Business Marketing and the Outstanding Platform for Promotion and Advertisement.


1. Facebook for Business.

About One Billion Users are utilizing Facebook for business every day.The Social Media Marketing is the Best way to Communicate with your Potential Clients and to spread the Information about a Particular Business.

facebook for business

Facebook Provides 7 different types of Business Marketing Pages where you can create your Nice Marketing Page for your Business and Advertise the same.

From Starbucks to Stella and Dot all are Using Facebook for Business to promote their industry.

The Types of FaceBook Business Pages are:

  1. Local Business or Place Page.
  2. Company Organization or Institution Page.
  3. Brand or Product Page.
  4. Artist, Band or Public Figure.
  5. Entertainment.
  6. Cause or Community.


A business may be Small, Mid or a Larger Organization all are taking the Help of Facebook Business as their main source of advertisement and promotions.Before Creating a Facebook Business Page you must Confirm 100 times as the Category because it is the Building block or the Foundation of your Niche Industry, business or Firm.

Pro Tip: The Best and Fastest way to get your Business Page hits is to Post ads on the Facebook Groups because most of the Facebook Public Groups allows you to Post your ad instantly without any moderation.


2. Facebook for Happiness and Entertainment.

Facebook is the Main Source of Happiness and Entertainment whether if someone wakes up at 2:o Clock at night there is Lots of stories and Joyful Posts that will bring a smile on your Face.

facebook for entertainment

No matter hows your Mood Facebook is absolutely a Mood setter.There are Lots of Stuff on the Facebook Platform that will rejoice You.

According to my Point of View, I think Facebook Apps are the Best way to Enjoy the Games, Music and Videos on your Mobile or Desktops.Here are Some Fascinating Facebook Apps that will blow your Mind away:


Some Popular Facebook Apps:

If you are Sick using Spotify and Pandora then it’s time to switch with a New Facebook App on your Device is Frogtoon which is the only music app that will pull youtube videos and similar to all those videos that you are Looking for.NOt only for Musician also a music Lover can download this amazing Facebook app and can enjoy it.


Unlike Pandora, Songza is one of the Best Digital Mixtape Musical App that synchronizes your Desired music as a Mix Dj effects and plays in style.Pandora simply acts like a Playlist but Songza assembles a digital Mixtape according to your mood.


If you are Getting Bored with your Ex bf/Gf and wants to Join the New Partner in your Life then no issues at all.Tinder will Bring you the Lost Joy and Romance in your Life again by finding the Suitable and appropriate Partner that will best fit for you.


Everyone in this World is Conscious about Looks and Style.So this Facebook App will bring you the Best Fashion Trends, Cosmetic and Appareals for you that will keep update you in the field of Fashion and their Brands.


Sometimes it is best to Keep yourself away from High Expenses just by Installing this Famous Facebook App for free Text and making Call to your Friends and Family.


3. Facebook Chat.

Chat and Gossips are The best way for anyone to express their hidden secret and Facebook Chat is the Best Platform to Communicate with the different Community of Society.


A survey Conducted shows that about 96% of teens spent almost 8 hours daily on the Facebook which is nearly about 400 Million users in a Single Day.

Facebook Messanger is installed on almost every third Person in the world of smartphones users.Facebook chat is the Best way to express Feeling, share your Personal emotions and Gossips with your loved ones and friends and also with your family members.

4. Facebook Live Stream.

The Most Powerful Utility of Facebook is the power to share your video with Facebook Live Stream.It is one of the Best and Reliable way to share your Thoughts, events and Performance in real time with your Followers and Friends in no time.

facebook live stream

Facebook Live Stream is Better Customer Communication for the promotion of your business as well.However, Sometimes the Network Issues might disrupt your Live Streaming for a while but In the Era of 4g, you hardly had to face with such troubles.


5.  Facebook as Dating Platform.

It has been observed that Most of the Successful Living Relationships are generated on the Facebook Platform as Many of the Boys and Girls found their Life Partners by Dating Guys on the Facebook.

facebook as dating platform

pics:NOI Polls

So Facebook is one of the Best, Free and Comfortable Dating Platform of all time.It allows you to call your Friends, beloved and had a video Conversation with them as well.

Most of the Teenagers have found their Relationship on the Facebook just by Making friends on the chat site.


If I have Miss some other Important aspects of the World’s Largest Social Networking Platform you can straightway Note down and mentioned in the Comments Below.Thanks for reading my article.


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