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Why 10 out of 9 Young Female Actresses failed to make Career in Bollywood?

The Youth of our Country is very much Possessive about their Career whether their Dream to become a Pilot, Doctor, Engineer or an Actress.But with the Current Era, The Youth of Nation and Girls want to see the Glamour Lifestyle of Bollywood and achieve the Global Lifestyle that an aCtor or an Actress does.

But the Reality is a bit different as The Silver Screen is Full of Dirty Secrets.So Today we will Bring you some of the Important aspects of Silver Screen of Bollywood by which 10 out of 9 Young Female Actress Failed to Make Career in Bollywood.


1. Film Auditions.

young female actress

The Very First Step To make an Entry to Indian Cinema is through Auditions.So thousands of Young Female Actresses make a queue to turn their Fortune and to make an Entry to Bollywood.This is one of the Difficult Stages for every Actor or Actress appearing for the Auditions.

Because they had to Go through the Toughest challenge Just to bring out the Best Talent or fit for a Particular role in the Movie.Audition may be of Different types, it may be for the Role of a Wife, Lead role Actress, Item Girl in the Movie.

However, the Young Female Actress are ready to try their Luck but sometimes very Few candidates will Get the Opportunity to show their Skills and the Rest of the Guys had to Go Home without showing their Capabilities.


2.Television Advertisement.

young female actress


The Very First Break or we can say that an Initial Point in the Career of a Young Female Actresses is the shooting opportunity for the Ads commercial because it is the very first step towards the Film Limelight.In Television Advertisement, you have the opportunity to showcase your Hidden Talent so that the whole world Knows about your acting skills.

However, some Actors will only able to make Commercials instead approaching the Film Industry they Keep do Tv Commercials.Therefore there Life will be Restricted to a small Era and they don’t get the opportunity to work on silver screens.


3. Casting Couch in Bollywood Industry.

casting couch problem

Casting Couch would be the Global Issue in the Film Industry because there are hundreds of Young Female Actresses who want to grow their career in the Hindi Film Industry.However, in a Country Like India where Lots of Sexual Harassment has been Faced by Indian youth every day.

So there are Several issues arises of Casting and Couch in Bollywood Industry.Just Because of this Problem Most of the Young Female Actresses Leave the Dream to Live a Lifestyle and to become Actress.



4. Nudity In Bollywood.

nudity in bollywood

Nowadays the Indian Cinema has Been Changed a lot.Actresses Like Sunny Leone, Sherylin Chopra appears in so Sensual and Hot scenes in New Hindi Movies that make the biggest challenge for the Young Female Actress who wants to make Debut their Career in Bollywood.

The More you show your Booty ass, Boobs and other Sensitive Parts of the Body you will get a role accordingly.So it is totally Unjustifiable for any young actress who is in the Growing Stage.Therefore this one is also a Bigger reason due to which most of the Actress leave the dream to become a Superstar.



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5.versatile actress.

young female actress

Gone are the Days when it is enough for anybody in the Film Industry To have a Divine Face only.Now if you are dreaming to become an Actor or Actress you must have enough Talent Like Dancing, Verbal Communication, a Little Singing and an Attitude.

With all these Things sometimes you must a willingness to achieve something that is the “Self Confidence” without this you cannot even think of survival in the Film Industry.So Most of the Young Female Actress has quiet their Dream to become an actress just because of Lacking one or few other Skills.


6. Movie Director and Film Producer.

young female actress

The Foundation of any Film Production is the Person who is Investing the Money in the Projects and the Direction of a person to which whole of the Film Process Lies “The Director”.Sometimes the producer Points out on the Actor or Actress for their work even they are Performing well in the Movie.

Due to which the Young Actor and Actress get Demoralized and their morale goes Down, the impact shows on their acting and therefore they feel mentally depressed and backstep from the dream of becoming a Star in the Indian Cinema.



7. Arrogant Actors of Bollywood.

aaroant actors

Sometimes the Senior Actor or Actress Treats very Badly with their Junior Fellow just because of their Arrogance and Egoistic Nature.Some times the Conflicts occur due to their indifference in Dresses.

If a Senior Actress is wearing a Short Skirt and the Junior has to the mini skirt.So this one also becomes the reason of war and the shoots cancel very often.All these incidents Leave a bad impact on the Junior Actor or Growing Actresses.


8. Long awaited Movie Date to get a Role in the Film.


After Passing the Audition The Young Model, Actor or Actresses have to Wait about 12 months to 2 years to get a Call from the Directors or Producers for their role.This also Demotivates the Young Female Actress just because of the Long Awaiting Date Time


9. How much Do Actors and Actresses get Paid?

Even doing a Better Role in the Film the Actors and Co-Actors gets a very Low Payment for their Work.It is Just totally Insane.This will leave a bad impact on the Mind of the Young Female Actresses.

They Must be rewarded according to their Potentials and the Acting Talents.Living in a City Like Mumbai is too Costly so the Person has to manage all his/her expenses in a way so that it gets devasting for anyone to survive with a very small amount of Money.


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