Trap shooting

Why Over and Under Shotguns are Best for Trap Shooting Game?

Trap Shooting Game.

Trap Shooting is one of the Most Popular and Joyful forms of Clay shooting or clay pigeon shooting.The athlete involved in the Trap shooting Usually play as a true Game Spirit while others enjoy this type of Trap shooting during Off sessions.

Sometimes the trap shooting also replaces a Game when becomes live with Pigeons and often Known as clay pigeon shooting.

Trap shooting

In America, the Trap shooting is Divided into Three Categories.

  • 16-yard Singles.
  • 16 Yard doubles.
  • Handicap that shots between the 19th yard and 27th yard.

At singles, the Player gets one shot at each of the Five Targets while standing 16 yards away and same in Handicap as Player has shot between 19th and 27th yards away.


Trap Shooting Game has very Simple rule depending upon the Format of game you are Playing. Therefore the rule is simple as you have given only one shot for each of your Five Target unless you shift your format for doubles and as that to the Handicap shots.


Over and Under Shotgun for Trap Shooting.

When it Comes to Trap Shooting the First Thing that Stuck into the Mind of any shooter which Over and Under Shotgun is best for Trap Shooting and its Price Tag.

However The over and Under Shotgun Like Browning 725 are ideal for trap shooting to make a fire Kick start in Clay shooting but the Price Tag is $2700 which is not easy to buy for any Shooter.

According to My Point of View, The Best Over and Under Shotgun would be the Stallion O/U shotgun.

over and under shotgun


Salient Features of Stallion Over and Under Shotgun:

  • One of the Rewarding Pleasures of Life of shooting with Stallion Over and Under shotgun used for Trap and Skeet Shooting.
  • The Locking Mechanism Creates a Slim and Stronger receiver which makes the Stallion O/U shotgun is Fine balanced, elegant and responsive Double Barrel shotgun of all time.
  •  Stallion Over and Under Shotgun is Comfortable in use because of Smooth Trigger Mechanism and Stylish Locking Mechanism.
  • The Hand Finished Engravings makes it Unique and different among the Different category of Shotguns.
  • The EN-19 Barrel has its Remarkable strength and Matchless Balance.
  • The Walnut stock adds a better Look, feel and shine to this amazing shotgun.


over and under shotgun



Technical Description:


CHAMBER 2″ 3/4




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Shotgun Cartridges:

If You are Looking for Shotgun Cartridge that would Suit your Need for Trap shooting and reliable for Over and Under shotgun then I must suggest you should Go with Stallion Cartridge or Dava Cartridge.

shotgun cartridge

Stallion and Dava are the Own Brands of the Stalliongallery and Bhargav Group of Companies.Shotgun Cartridges of Stallion and Dava are Compatible for the 12 Bore shotguns only including your Regular Classic shotgun and for the Over and Under shotgun as well.


Pump Actions Shotguns:

The Pump Action Shotguns has Gained so much Popularity in the Last Few Decades because of its Durability and reliability.The Pump Action Shotguns has a Remarkable strength and having the ability to shot the Target from the Light to the Heaviest magnum shell it can accommodate in its Chambers.


Types of Shotguns:

1.The Powerful Remington 870.

pump action shotgun



The Remington 870 is the Best Shotgun across the United States and is available at all most all the Dealers of America.It is King among all the Pump Action of the world.The Semi Automatic Mechanism makes its Durable for the Best Use in Trap Shooting and Hunting.

If you are willing to Purchase this amazing Pump action Shotgun you can make your steps to Big-box retailers at only $300 and all the dealers of the united states.


 2.Mossberg 500-Queen of Pump Actions.


pump action shotgun


Just Like Remington 870 the Mossberg 500 is the Queen of all the Pump Action available in the world.The Rugged, Simple and comfortable Locking Mechanism makes it Reliable pump action shotgun of all time.

Likewise Remington 870 the Mossberg 500 is available from the Local dealers and retailers shop of the United States and Cost ranging from $300 onwards.


3. 12 Bore Pump Action shotgun by IOF.

The 12 Bore Pump Action Shotgun is Specially designed to hold as a Security weapon.It is a Single Barrel Breech Loading weapon superior to 12 bore double barrel DBBL.

12 bore pump action shotgun

It is provided with a tubular magazine, which holds 4 nos. of 12 Bore Cartridges and is placed parallel to and below the barrel.


                          Semi-Automatic Shotguns:

semi automatic shotgun



The Layout and Form Action of the Semi Automatic is all most similar to Pump Action Shotguns.It is only one step ahead of the Pump Action Shotguns.It is one of the Most widely used Semi-Automatic weapons of all time.

The Semi automatic weapon requires to Load a Manual Action to Load the New shell when the earlier bullet has been shot to the target.This Helps the Shooter to focuses More on Target instead of Operating the Gun.The Best thing about the Semi Automatic shotguns is that all the Parts are Interchangeable.

According to my Point of view the Semi Automatic weapons are the best, reliable and Build quality.

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