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Top 10 Amazing Places to visit in ooty for Newly Married Couples.

India is Incredible Not because of the colorful culture or due to the one crore 88 lakhs series of God and Goddess.It is justified because of the Amazing places that make it incredible.

So while traveling to India or Indian belongings what comes to mind while you made your mind to travel.


For newly married Couples the best Places to visit in Ooty is a Fantastic Idea.Today I will bring an exciting article about the Top 10 Places to visit in Ooty.So Pack your bags and Let’s have a pre look of this Fantastic Tour.


1. Botanicals Garden of Ooty.

Botanicals Garden is a wonderful horticulture Maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu.This Place covers an area of 22 hectares.Botanicals Garden is one of the Best Places to visit in Ooty.If you traveling with your Family Parents and Children then you must try to visit this Fascinating Place.

botanicals garden of Ooty


Having Snacks and Cold drinks Little walk in the Garden makes you Feel Happy.It was Laid by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu in 1848.

An estimate shows that about 26 Lakhs People has visited Botanical Gardens every year.


2. A journey on Nilgiri Mountains by Toy Train.

It Merely covers a Distance of 46 Km in 5 hours.The Nilgiri Toy Train travels a distance of daily destinations from the Mettupalayam to Ootacamund or Ooty.

nilgiri mountains,toy train

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The best of the Journey and exciting one is that the train will take the Tourist a height of 1069 feet to 7228 feets.Gone are the days when had to face lots of difficulties while travelling to Ooty from horses or dollies.So all this will rise to the fascinating idea to travel by using a Coal engine toy train.


The Uniqueness of the Railway Line is that it is the steepest Track in the Asia.Starting from Mettupalayam, the tourist sees a number of amazing and exciting things while traveling.So the distance of 116 km covers by the toy train helps you to experience the true beauty and rejoicing happiness of the Nilgiri Mountain.

While Travelling you will see 250 bridges along with 16 tunnels in the way.


3. Avalanche Lake of Ooty.

This Amazing Place is Surrounding in the Heart of Nilgiri which is already 28 km away from the Ooty.The best thing about this Place is that it is quite Calm and Relaxing Place as you can also Camp here for two days or more as you want.



There is also a Hatchery Located Nearby where you can get the Fishing rod and Fishing equipment with the help of which you can enjoy trout fishing.The Place has named after a Landslide in the mid-1800s this will give birth to the origin of this Place.


4. The Amazing waterfall Pykara River.

pykara river


It is Known as the Sacred Place for the Toda Peoples.THE river flows from the plateau and forms several cascades and waterfalls.It is one of the Major tourist attraction places in Ooty and popular for the shola trees, Toda settlements, and wildlife.


5. The Famous Mudumalai National Park.

Mudumalai is one of the Famous Tiger reserves of India.It is a beautiful Place which provides shelter to thousands of species, animals, and Birds.

mudumalai national park

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The Bengal Tiger, The Indian Bison, Elephants, and several other species of wildlife found here.


6. The Ancient Toda Huts of Ooty.

toda_hut tamil nadu

To represent the Ethnic architecture of southern India Toda Huts has been built.It is located in the surroundings of the Botanicals Garden.One of the Best places to visit in Ooty.Many people have abandoned theses huts to live.



7. The Mountain Railway of Ooty.

mountain railway

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It has been already declared by the UNESCO as the World Heritage Site.The train was built under the British rule in 1908 as the Major Tourist attraction Places of the world.

carrying steam engines these railways are amazing when they run the tracks.


8. The Holy St. Stephens Church.

If you are a Newly Married Couples wants a Perfect and Joyful Life for years then you must visit this Holy Stephens church for your Goodwill.


The church was named by King George IV and the Foundation was laid in 1829 but the after built in the 19th century.It was one of the oldest churches in India and also in the District of Tamil Nandu.


9. The Oldest Tribal Museum.

A perfect Tribal research Centre has been Located in Tamil Nadu where People visit and observes the Culture and inhabitants of the Tamil Nadu and the Andaman Nicobar Island.

tribal museum

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TRibal Museum is one of the Best Places to visit in Ooty.Various artifacts and the Houses built here to give you the idea about the daily life cycle observation for the people of Nilgiris.


10. The Amazing Deer Park.

deer park

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This Deer Park Located in the Ooty Lake where you will Find different species of Deers that you could ever be seen in your Entire Life.It is amongst the very Few Zoos in India where the only one type of wildlife species is seen.



Thanks for reading my article.

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