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These Must Visit Places of Jammu makes J&K as the Incredible Part of India.

India is an Incredible Place where a number of Cultural Activities and Peoples were Found.But Today we will bring you some of the Most Fascinating and Must Visit Places in Jammu that Makes Jammu and Kashmir as one of the Most Incredible Parts of India.


1. Raghunath Temple of Jammu.

Jammu is also Known by the name of “Name of City of Temples” so Raghunath Temple is one of the Largest and Oldest Temple Complexes of North India.Raghunath Temple is Consisting of 7 shrines of God each having their own Shikaras.

raghunath temple jammu

Diya Travels

Raghunath Temple is also Famous for Shopping as the Numerous things are available in the Raghunath Market at LOw prices Like.

  • Clothes including Dresses, Shawls and other woolen Products.
  • Dry Fruits.
  • FRuits.
  • Cosmetics Items.
  • Eatables Items.


2. Siar Baba Temple and WaterFall in Reasi.

waterfall of jammu

It is one of the Largest and Biggest Waterfalls of Northern India.It is one of the Most Popular Tourist Destination for the Peoples coming to Jammu and Kashmir.The Waterfall is Located on the Chenab River following the Reasi District having a height elevation of 466 meters.

siar baba temple waterfall


TheRoaring and Gurgling Sounds of the Sprinkling Waterfall makes treat to Joy.Several Thousands of Peoples visit this waterfall every year.

Although July to October is the Best Time to visit Baba Siar.


3. The Mansar Lake of Jammu.

When it Comes to Best Picnic DEstination for Family, Friends, and Teenagers then one most REcommended Place is Mansar Lake.Mansar Lake is Covered with Forests along the way.On the Other Part of the Lake surrounded by a shrine named Sheshnag a snake surrounded with Six Heads.

mansar lake jammu

Jammu Darshan – Jammu Redefining

You can Enjoy the Best Picnic Spot at the Lake.Also one can enjoy Boating in the Lake.You can see there a number of Colorful Fishes some of them wearing Gold as well.


4. Patnitop Hill Station.

Udhampur is Located in the Udhampur District of Jammu.Patnitop is situated on the Himalayas Plateau with an altitude of 2024 m.Just Behind it, the Chenab River flows.

patnitop hill station

Swan Tours

It is one of the Wowsum Places of Jammu and Kashmir where one can enjoy Skiing, Aero sports, and Hiking.It is most Famous Tourist Destination for friends and Newly Married Couples.

The Best Time to Visit Patnitop in Winter is December To March whereas in Summer is September to October.

It Takes only 3 and a half hours to reach Patnitop from Jammu Bus Station.


5. Chenani Tunnel of Jammu.

Chenani Tunnel is also known by the Name of Patnitop Tunnel.The Tunnel has been inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on 2nd Aprill 2017.It is the India’s Longest Bi-directional Tunnel with a distance of 9.28 km.


The Tunnel reduces the Distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 30kms and reduces a time distance of 2 hours.So if you want to see this Incredible Place you can visit at any time.


6. Bahu Fort the Oldest Temple and Tourist attraction of Jammu.

Bahu Fort is one of the Oldest Forts of India built by an earlier ruler of J&k Gulab Singh in the 18th Century.

Holiday Plans

Holiday Plans

It is also Considered as the Religious Place of Kali for Hindus.

The Fort is Located on the Bank of River Tawi where you can Enjoy the beauties of Nature.There is an Aquarium also where you can see some of the most different species of Fishes.JUst a few meters ahead there is an Adventurous Appu Ghar for having some of the trades and fun for your children enjoying some adventurous rides on an electronic car as well.


7. The Amar Singh Mahal and Palace.

The Amar Singh Mahal is one of the best and Must Visit Place of Jammu as it was Constructed by Raja Amar Singh a Dogra King in the Time Span of 9th CenturyHari_Niwas,Jammu


The Palace is Now Converted into a Museum.The Mahal has amazing things to see like it has Golden throne weighing 120 kgs.The mahal has a Library Consisting of 25000 Antique Books.

The Amar Singh Mahal is Situated on the Right Bank of Tawi River.

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