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Annabelle Creation Has Enough Fear Factor to Get Good overall Reviews.

When it Comes to Horror than Anabelle Series comes at first Priority.Anabelle Creation has Enough Fear to hold your Nerves and Breathing with horror effects for at least 2 hours.

So Here we are Giving Anabelle Creation as 3.5 out of 5 of total reviews.


The Previous Year was the golden year of 2016 with lots of heart throbbing Horror Movies Produced.Even the Conjuring Movie and Anabelle produces a lot of Fear among the audience sitting in the Cinema.


Overall Review of the Movie.

The Overall review about Anabelle Creations is Fairly Enough and Good.The Dark Horror Comedy together with the presence of Horror Creepy Dolls produces a heart throbbing Fear in the People.However, the Present Era of Horror Movies is quite different from the Earlier Series of the Anabelle.


The Director David F.Sandberg Encompasses the Mixture of Demons and Humans together with Scary Moments produced by the Traditional Horror Dolls, the beginning of the Anabelle movie.


Flaws in the Movie.

At some Moments in the Movie Failed to Connect the First Portion of the Earlier Movie of Anabelle Creations.There are some few unexplained Supernatural Powers described in the Movie makes the Isolation that may be the Weakest and Less Convincing part of the Movie.

All in all when it Comes to Horror Movie who cares about the Story.If you have enough Suspense and Fear Facts in the Movie that Holds your nerves and Heart then it is really Fantastic.

So the Overall Experience after watching the Movie is Osum.

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